It’s time to tap into your French-speaking market

You can increase conversions by using the right words, in a localized language.

Language is a significant factor in how people think and buy.

I can write all your French content so you don’t have to.

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Translate and Localise your copy into French

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Hileï Barakzai provides French Copywriting services

Hello !

I’m Hileï Barakzai

I’m the owner of Very French Copy. While I have quite an exotic name, I was born and raised in France.

Every kind of company that needs French Copywriting gets my attention.

By writing outstanding Copy, I aim to help them expand their online footprint.

Ultimately, I deliver Copy that is knowledgeable, insightful and conversion-oriented.

Why French?


French speakers

French is spoken by over 280 million people worldwide. Aside from English, it is the only other language spoken on all five continents. You can’t ignore having a French platform if you want to broaden your online assets.

6x more

Customer engagement

The engagement rate of a translated and localized Content is 6 times greater than that of original content designed for a global market. Your customers are definitely more likely to respond to a copy in their native language.


Leaving customers

You are likely to lose no less than 13% of your customers if your content is not localized. Studies show that people are more likely to shop in their mother tongue. The language that cognitively speaks to their emotions comes first. 



Copywriting is the art of writing words that motivate a reader to act in a specific manner, such as making a purchase, clicking on a link, or signing up for a newsletter. 

Writing persuasively to engage customers is tricky, but it pays huge dividends when done right. 

Basically, if you own a website or an online asset of any kind, then you absolutely need Copywriting.


Translation & Localisation

Ok, let’s not tell each other lies. Much of the content I’ve seen online is translated in broken French.

As a result of grammatical and spelling errors here and there and cultural references that a native customer would never use, you can completely discredit yourself.

You are demeaning yourself to your French-speaking audience because of this. Molière’s language is a complex one.

As a French translator, I’m positive I can help. 


Content strategy

In the Internet age, content is king.

You cannot build a website, convert visitors, or sell products without it.

My Content Strategies will become your most valuable asset. My work includes optimizing your keyword strategies, your tree structure and content pillars or your new product launch on social media, and more.


Why Hire a French Copywriter?


When it comes to establishing your brand online, flawless language is an absolute prerequisite.

Business opportunities

Your French-speaking audiences are waiting for only one thing : that you address them! Now is the time to leverage these audiences and seize the business opportunities.


By outsourcing your content, you can implement a professional French Copywriting strategy to your online assets without committing long-term.


Communication with customers is all about conveying a clear, effective, and concise message. It is my area of expertise and you will undoubtedly benefit from it.


It is crucial to create copy that solves your customers’issues. In this instance, French Copywriting serves to engage your customers in an effective and powerful manner.

Anticipate objections

Copywriting helps you anticipate and defuse concerns and objections from your customers. It helps clarify your sales message while narrowing the conversion funnel.

Long-term strategy

My experience in French Copywriting can be applied to your sales pages, blog, social medias or newsletters. Having extensive experience in Copywriting, I can bring you convincing results in no time.

Create bonds

You can trigger emotions in your customers through copywriting. Copywriting also builds trust, initiates dialogues, reinforces social bonds, and ties your audience together.

Your success lies in a good copy. 

“Very French Copy perfectly understood what I needed, wrote beautiful and compelling copy and shared their marketing expertise to perfect our long-term copy strategy. Since the page went live we saw a clear increase in conversions. Will definitely work with VFC for all future copywriting needs!”

Anne-Heloïse Pagliardini – Founder, AHBC Group, Miami



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