Why you should hire a French Copywriter

You may legitimately wonder why you should hire a native French Copywriter

Your initial thought may be that you could just as easily outsource your content to a multilingual agency, to a web editor who understands French or may as well use Google Translate.

All these options, at first glance seem quite reasonable and cost-effective, but they actually represent a major problem.

The major concern here revolves around your website’s credibility and authority.

In addition to using the intricacies of persuasive writing to engage your audience and convert them into sales, a professional Copywriter is also proficient in the nuances of a native language.

Languages can be learned and mastered, of course.

It is, however, essential to be able to handle the language with all its rough edges, cultural references, neologisms, and its myriad of linguistic subtleties in order to be able to turn it into convincing and highly persuasive texts

First, a good Copywriter must be able to write academically in order to be able to summarise a company’s values or story on a landing page. 

As an example, I would like to use the example of Picasso himself which is perhaps a bit presumptuous… Bare with me though :

Before becoming the extremely talented cubist artist we all know, Picasso was first and foremost a classical painter. If one wants to be able to overcome the frills of a language, to be able to employ a marketing language that can convey emotion cognitively, one must first be able to master it perfectly.

Likewise, being a native French speaker is not sufficient to become a Copywriter.

For this to happen, the Copywriter must learn the inner workings of persuasive writing, its techniques, and shed his ego that wants to write beautiful sentences. 

Ultimately, he needs to realise that his client has one objective to achieve: solving their customer’s problem and providing them with a solution

Copywriting conveys marketing codes that must be mastered at length, across all business sizes and industries.

This is precisely the case for me, and that’s why I turned it into a career.

Reading and writing have been a part of my life since I was a child. 

My pen has even gathered and federated a community of over 4K followers on Instagram about personal development. Several companies, including Christian Louboutin or Nespresso, have engaged me to write content for their websites.

To refocus on your core business, I strongly suggest that you delegate the Copywriting of your site, since it can be a decisive and extremely challenging step.

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