You might have a great website, high-quality products, and a determined sales team, but if you fail to use the right words to engage your customers, it will all be for nothing.

Your website cannot function without good Copywriting.

I can help you tell your stories, share your skills and showcase your value propositions. If your customers know what you have to offer, they will become your strongest advocates once they become convinced of what you have to offer. Writing copy that’s astute, knowledgable, and, above all, conversion-friendly is my job.

The Copywriting services I provide :

  • websites
  • landing pages
  • product descriptions
  • sales letters, newsletters
  • blogs
  • social medias (ads, bios, captions, stories)
  • podcasts and video scripts


Translation and Localisation


Now is the time to move forward with quality content in proper localised French.

If you wish to pursue the French-speaking audience, you must address them clearly, eloquently, and without a mistake.

Making one minor mistake is enough to undermine all your credibility.

Streamline your publishing process with my rewriting, proofreading, and French localisation services. There are codes to the French-speaking culture that only a native can understand. I will assist you!

Translating from English into French is my specialty.

When French to German translations are required, I work with a native German translator.

Content Strategy

Let me tell the story of your brand, your products, and what makes you special.


The medium and long term strategies I use are based on taking advantage of both the seasonality of your product/service and all the possibilities to be found in SEO, social media, and other formats (podcasts, videos…)

With my brand DNA analysis and editorial strategy and persona analysis, I offer you resources and content management tools to help you succeed.


I can help you draw in qualified and engaged audiences while reducing your workload with my Content strategies.

“Very French Copy perfectly understood exactly what I needed, wrote beautiful and compelling copy and shared their marketing expertise to perfect our long-term copy strategy. Since the page went live we saw a clear increase in conversions. Will definitely work with VFC for all future copywriting needs!”

Anne-Heloïse Pagliardini – Founder, AHBC Group, Miami

Ready to elevate your assets with French Copywriting ?