Hello, I’m Hileï and I’m your French Copywriter!

You are probably curious about who I am…

I’m a native French Copywriter and a Content strategist with nearly a decade of experience.

My goal is to help you describe your story, your value proposition and the solution you provide to clients with convincing words. 

🎯 I specialize in Content Management and Copywriting for companies targeting French-speaking audiences.


Being an eCommerce expert, I can help you navigate the challenges of your Content Strategy within the retail industry.   

I launched hundreds of digital campaigns for Nespresso, Christian Louboutin and worked for the Content Strategy of Google. You will benefit from my extensive experience working with major eCommerce players. 

 Copywriting can make a world of difference, such as improving brand awareness, increasing leads, and converting more customers.


🇫🇷 You have an eager French-speaking market waiting for you out there. Time to address them clearly.

They will be on call, I am positive about that !

🎓  Fun fact: When I was 10, I participated in spelling championships called “Les Dicos d’Or” organized by Bernard Pivot, academician of the Goncourt Prize and guardian of French grammar and spelling!

See, I told you…

Your hunt for a French copywriter has ended.


You’ll love what I’ve got to offer.

My Philosophy



My speed of execution has always been praised. Your urgent projects can be entrusted to me. I work very well and understand the sometimes tight deadlines of companies



It’s no secret that I’m a perfectionist. Prior to submitting my copy, I double check it quite a lot to ensure accuracy. It’s in my best interest to keep my company’s reputation intact, and I’m just as invested as you are!



I am a natural diplomat. My approach to communication is always focused on understanding my interlocutors’ concerns. People who know me well and have heard me speak have always been appreciative of my diplomacy.