How It Works

A great copy will draw in the customers you’re missing every day.

French Copywriting with compelling and persuasive content is what they are waiting for.

The process of hiring me is pretty straightforward, so let’s start there.


Free Consultation

Requirements Planning

Research & Content Strategy


Refine, Launch, Mesure, Repeat

Step 01

Project Definition

Before I can visualize your project, I must first understand it. It couldn’t be easier : you write to me and we set up a phone call. You will receive some initial information about what I can do for you after I listen carefully to your request. Once I have the deliverables outlined, I will send you a quote and timeline.

Solid understanding of your project and ecosystem

Scope, goals and deliverables

Free of charge

Step 02

Research & Strategy

My next step will be to conduct a detailed analysis of your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) once you have accepted my proposal.
The research I do is based on your existing content, your personas, and your editorial charter. To tailor the best French Copy for you, I analyze your pain points and ensure your content stands out from the competition.

Exhaustive Content Audit

Careful Market and Personas analysis

Scrutiny of your Copy's pain points

Review of Customer feedback

Step 03

French Copywriting

I craft your Unique Value Proposition copy while applying the principles of persuasive Copywriting tailored for your unique offer in this decisive step.

Creating your body content around this proposition will boost your brand awareness and attract new prospects, since it is both unique and relevant to you.

In my writing, your value will be clearly articulated, emotions will be stirred, and leads and conversions will be increased.


Unique Value Proposition provided first

Compelling and exclusive core Copy

Completed first draft within scheduled delivery date

Step 04

Tweak, Launch,  Repeat

This first version can be annotated, corrected, refuted. My goal will always be to create French Copy that gets you the results you demand : increased awareness, leads and conversions. This step is vital since it involves collaboration between your team and mine.

If your project requires it, we can also develop a long-term Content Strategy based on the highlights of your business year.

The goal of my copy is to make sure you are completely happy and proud of it !